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Sporting Futures Training UK Ltd is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy, The Following information details what information relating to you is stored and used on the Sporting Futures Training Portal.

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The following personal information about you is stored as part of the account creation process:

  • Name.
  • Email.
  • Username.

The following information is optional and can be edited via your profile page (clicking on your name in the top right corner). This information is then visible to other users on the system, so please consider what information is added in these fields.

  • City.
  • Country.
  • Description.
  • Picture (including a text description of it).

Sporting Futures Training does not, and will not share any of this information with any third parties.

As well as the personal user information listed above, information relating to your studies (e.g. which course you are on, which group you are in, assessment information etc.) is also stored within the portal, but is only visible to relevant people.

The portal logs all interactions on the site including the IP address from which the site is accessed. This information is only visible to the system administrators.

On completion of your course at Sporting Futures Training Ltd, your data will be held for a period of 7 Years in line with the guidelines of the ESFA and awarding bodies, after this time, your data will be deleted.

The portal sends email notifications to users, to inform them of certain interactions taking place. The notifications can be managed by a user, by clicking on their name in the top right corner, and selecting ‘notifications’.

You are entitled to request any of the following:

  • An export of all your data held on the portal.
  • To have any errors in your data corrected.
  • To request a ‘right to be forgotten’, in which your data is deleted. Note with this, certain information (e.g. final assessment information) is maintained.

To request any of the above, there is a mechanism to contact the data Controller which is located within your profile page, or can be accessed via: or contacting the Data Controller directly :

If requested by a court order, or other legal process – your information may be disclosed to the appropriate bodies in line with current legislation.